Love litter born 25.05.2013 .




At last small update of our website :).

I updated Enjoy litter table -with their new shows achievements. Very sadly in december 2012 one of them crossed on the other side of rainbow brige :( . Enjoy My Dream "Basti" , run free my little sweet boy...

We are aspecting new litter soon , repeat of MAGIC litter,more in planned litters

Daughter of COOL INDIGOS HEIR Ginger  Heaven born in La Dolce Luna Kennel achieved JR WORLD WINNER title,congratulations to breeder and owners !!!

Soon more news and photos of our dogs....



Litter Magic born 09.04


Our litter Imagine has new homes ,soon update of the site of litter.

2 litters planned .

New links :)

Changes in our dogs

From litter Imagine we kept for C.own Imagine Ruby & Imagine Breeze.


New photos in puppies gallery.4 females are still available.



New photos of Imagine litter 6 weeks old (click on link or photo)


New photos of puppies from age 3 and half weeks old.

Bajka is now officially LPN 1 N/N :),so litter imagine is LPN 1 free .


Gallery of puppies 1-15 days old

New photos of our green girl from Enjoy litter -Łapka

First show for Enjoy Big Ben in baby class -very good critic,Very Promising ,best Baby :)



On 04.11 Bajka gave birth to 13 puppies.10 f+3 m . Unfortunally we lost one boy :(. Soon weight tables of litter and photogallery.



Bajka is pragnent ,puppies are expected arround 07.11:).

Update of litter Enjoy -new photos,all puppies are in their new homes -good luck !!!

We have new member of family -ENJOY ENIGMA the 3th Ginger Heaven ;). And we kept boy as c.owned -ENJOY BIG BROTHER. I will make their websited soon.


06-07.09.2011 We mated Bajka ith beautyfull Breeze. More info in planned litters .



Today is very sad day for many people, our beloved Indi died because of stomach torsion ...Sławek ,Patrycja,Grażyna-I am so sorry ....There are no words that will say what I feel , he didn't live with me but I loved him as mine ...

R.I.P sweet Indi, you were wonderfull giant with golden heart, we will never forget you ...



New photos of puppies.

Bajka at last  is on heat, soon we will put news about her mating:)


We have puppies:). Litter E born on 04.08 -9 puppies ,6 males and 3 females. More info in puppies section:)

Link to photos of pupppies


Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven is pragnent:)



CACIB show in Szczecin ,jugded M.Kozber -Magia "Skjaergaardens Magic Love" in open class excellent 1/2 ,CAC, CACIB , BOS -it was her second show in "adult" class and second CAC.


Mating of Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven in Chech Republic-more info in Puppies/Planned Litters.

New Galleries:

New photos of Cool Enigma

New photos of Cool Summer Storm (Indi)

New photos of Apollo 4 1/2 years old

Photos of puppies 5 weeks old in kennel Amore Cordi FCI (Pl)

New link to kennel King of the North (Abigail & children of Abigail X Indi)


CACIB show in Łodz ,jugde A.Kot

COOL ENIGMA Ginger Heaven in champion class I EXC CAC,CACIB,BOS,BOB

COOL INDIGO JR (Drago) in open clas 4th very good -he is much way too slim unfortunally, very long diveloping type of dog  :).


After loosing pragnency Enigma was diagnosed with pyometra -we tried to cure her  hormonally and all looked ok,but on the control in vet the problem seemed to be back. After consulting this case with specialist we found out that Enigma had cists not pyometra and we had only little chance to cure it after "therapy" for pyometra. I desided to not give her any hormons anymore and we sterylised her. Enigma after operation feels good .


CAC Show in Bydgoszcz ,under jugde Joseph van Hummelen.

Our Magia (Skjaergaardens Magic Love) in open class EXC I CAC.BOS BOB with beautyfull description from the jugde:

"Nice type,good eyes and ears ,good mask, correct bite, good chest, streight legs with good fit,  well angulated , good top line and tail, excellent in movement".



New photos of our lovelly Bajka

And beautyfull Magia



Abigail Ginger Heaven has 5 puppies,4 males and 1 female .Father is Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven.Congratulations Ania:)

We have results of test for LPN 1 :

Enigma du Plateau Bavarois LPN 1 N/N

Skjaergaardens Magic Love LPN 1 N/N

Bajka's tests later-unfortunally contener with her blood got broken in transport to laboratory:(.



Enigma unfortunally is not pragnent:(

National Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki -COOL INDIGO JR Ginger Heaven in open class EXC I,CAC,BOS

Indi will be father again-in kennel Amore Cordi FCI (see in links)


Indi is going to be father again.The mother will be Ch.Pl Abigail Ginger Heaven (HD/A ED 0/0)-kennel King of the North placed in Gdynia .Congratulations Ania and good luck:)


Good news about daughter of our Baloo :Birra Zielona Cieszynianka -HD/A ED 0/0

on 19.02 on CACIB  show in Rzeszów she won open class,gained CAC and became Ch.PL-congratulations.

New link to Fablerna's kennel in Sweden


Mating news for Enigma-we changed our plans,Enigma is mated with beautyfull Swedish boy-more info in puppies section. All puppies booked.

In kennel Angel Kingdom in hungary puppies are expected from mating :Int.Ch Kinglord's Miss Eferhild X Ch.Pl COOL SUMMER STORM Ginger Heaven .Link to kennel is in our links.Good luck Zsusanna and Thomas !!!


CAC show in Bydgoszcz (PL). COOL DIAMOND Ginger Heaven in Open class EXC I CAC,BOS,BOB-she is now Ch.PL:). Is a 3th champion in Cool Litter.


Good News -results of LPN 1 of 2 puppies from our Cool litter:

COOL ENIGMA Ginger Heaven LPN 1 N/N (clear)

COOL SUMMER STORM Ginger Heaven LPN 1 N/N (clear)

Soon more results of our dogs ,hope the same good:)




CAC Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (PL). COOL INDIGO JR Ginger Heaven on his first show in life in Open Class EXC I CAC,BOS. Congratulations Kasia :))



CAC show in Nowa Ruda (PL) .COOL SUMMER STORM  Ginger Heaven in open class EXC I/2 ,CAC -he is now Ch.Pl

At the same day his first puppies were born in Italy ,the mother is Ch.It.Int .ch Wiyot Nancy Drew HD/A ED 0/0.

Congratulations Clara :)))



International CACIB show in Wroclaw :

Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven  in intermediate class Exc I/4 CAC

Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven intermediate class Exc IV

Children of Baloo from Amore Cordi Kennel in baby class V.P III (female and male)

On photo Indi (Cool Summer Storm)


Club Show in Warsaw ,jugde again from Norway -Per Anderssen

Bajka again 1/2 exc and CAC in intermediate class 

Magia in youth class 2/10 excellent !!

daughter of Baloo -Birra Zielona Cieszynianka in open class Excellent ,CAC and 2nd best adult  female

not many excellent notes so -I am proud of my girls and daughter of my boy:)

Magia relaxed on ring on photo;)

and here in her beautyfull movement



National Show in Warsaw ,jugde from Norway Eivor  Hofmandself

Our Bajka 1st exc in intermediate class ,CAC and then in compare with her sister from open class and interchampion from champion class BOS and finally BOB .

Our Magia (Skjaergaardens MAGIC LOVE) did great in junior class -exc 1/4 -I am so proud of her as in first 2 shows she was bit not sure of her self (my fault -not socialised well enough) and this day she was completly relaxed :))

COOL CHARISMA Ginger Heaven 1 exc in open class

Bajka's photo



Torun CAC Show


COOL DIAMOND Ginger Heaven exc II/3

COOL ENIGMA Ginger Heaven open class EXC I /2 CAC,BOS ,BOB, BOG II -congratulations Ela!!!



Moloss Show in Torun (PL).

APOLLO Ginger Heaven EXC ,CAC,BOS -he is now CH.PL

COOL ENIGMA Ginger Heaven CAC,BOS,BOB -she is now CH.PL

COOL DIAMOND Ginger Heaven -I exc CAC

Skjaergaardens Magic Love -exc ,BOB junior



CACIB show in Sopot -Abigail Ginger Heaven 1st open class ,excellent ,CAC,CACIB,BOS-she is now CH.Pl after just 4 shows in her life in adult classes.Congratulations Ania !!!

Last weekend on national show in Norway son of our Baloo- Aldibara's Lonsome Traveller  aka Vinni achived his first certyficate for champion at age only 10 months old- congratulations Christina !!!


HD results of:

COOL SUMMER STORM Ginger Heaven  HD/A  ED 0/0 he is s stud dog now

COOL ENIGMA Ginger Heaven HD /A  ED 0/0


CACIB Show in Szczecin -Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven  intermediate class Exc I CAC res CACIB


CACIB SHOW in Leszno

Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven intermediate class-EXC I,CAC,res CACIB

Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven intermediate class -EXC III

Apollo Ginger Heaven  open class EXC CAC


CAC show in Bytom

COOL SUMMER STORM Ginger Heaven intermediate class EXC I/2 CAC


CAC show Grudziądz

COOL DIAMOND Ginger Heaven intermediate class Exc I CAC BOS

ABIGAIL Ginger Heaven Open class exc I CAC


CAC Show in Jelenia Góra  COOL SUMMER STORM Ginger Heaven  intermediate class ,exc I/3 CAC BOS BOB


Great news from Norway-Cool Indigo's Heir Ginger Heaven vel "Tomba"  HD/A  and ED 0/0


Results of HD of Baloo's offsprings

Elroy Hetbu Lwia Lapa HD good (OFA) .Elbows clear

Elina Herbu Lwia Lapa HD good (OFA). Elina has bad elbows 1/2  :(

Birma Zielona Ciezzynianka HD/A   ED 0/0

New photos in galleries of Indi,Bajka,Enigma jr ,Torun ,Tomba, Baloo, Magia

The litter of Luna and Baloo has finally their own page

New photos of Vinnie -son of Baloo and Sammy-last weekend he was 2X BOB puppy .He is 7 months old now.


Baloo is father again.In kennel Amore Cordi FCI was born 2 puppies -boy 620 grams and girl 560 grams.

Soon we will update website of  Baloo's offsprings ,puppies are booked.


CACIB show in Katowice -40 dogs leonbergers on show.Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven exc II/8 in youth class


CAC show in Drzonkowo.Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven in youth class I EXC,youth winner


Today we had great news-our Baloo will be daddy again.By the end of march puppies will born in kennel Amore Cordi FCI-mother Ch.Pl. Fila Murowane Szczescie HD/A


CAC show in Bydogszcz

Enigma du Plateau Bavarois champion class EXC I,CAC,BOS

Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven Intermediate class EXC I,CAC

Cool Diamond Ginger Heaven Youth Class EXC I,youth winner ,Best junior -she is now youth CH.PL

Apollo Ginger Ginger Heaven open class EXC II

The same day in Rzeszow CACIB show and Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven  in youth class EXC II


At evening in Bydgoszcz was night CAC show

Enigma du Plateau Bavarois Champion Class EXC I ,CAC,BOS,BOB

Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven intermediate class EXC I,CAC

Cool Diamond Ginger Heaven  EXC I Youth winner Best junior

Apollo Ginger Heaven open class Exc I CAC


CACIB show in Brno -Cool Enigma Ginger Heaven in intermediate class yesterday was excellent,not placed,

today excellent II/5 ,res CAC


CAC show in Głogów -Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven in youth class excellent II/3