Welcome on our website.We are family with one child -daughter 9 years old  and live in country side near Grudziadz,our dogs have 8900 meters to run and little lake to swim in summer.

Our adventure with leonbergers has started in december 2004 when we bought our first leo-Dali (Neron Cavis Leonis).We lived at that time in the flat in town called Torun and we were waiting for our house to be finished by builders. Very quickly we made decision to buy another leo and in february 2005 we imported female from Belgium -our beloved Gala [*]  -Djerba du Plateau Bavarois ,and in march 2005 we brought home female from Polish kennel Kaja Ligocka Wataha. We didnt have yet breeding  intentions at that time.

After getting know  this breed,our young dogs and especially Gala we wanted to have another dog from Galas line-son of her grandmother Zebraa du Plateau Bavarois. So when Nancy (breeder of Gala) told me that she has mating plans for Zebraa we booked a male puppy .When the puppies were born there was just one male in the litter and Nancy advised to us to think of female as would be bigger choice -this time we wanted puppy for future breeding maybe so was important to us that we get good exterier dog .So we decided to get female at last and in october 2005 I brought our Enigma from Belgium. In march 2006 I got info that son of Zebraa is looking for new family-and as it was my intentions to have son of her-we took him to our home :). In between time we started to go to dog shows and our females were doing well ,so we started to think seriously about breeding leonbergers.

In september 2008 I went to Norway for mating with Enigma to wonderfull male Skjaergaardens Cool Indigo. From this mating I kept one female at home -Cool Diamond Ginger Heaven (Bajka) and 3 other puppies as c.owned dogs.And I hope that from this litter I will start on my own line in breeding .Of course just time will show if this will be possible if they grow on healthy good dogs.

In may 2009 our beloved Gala died and I went to Norway to get puppy from Skjaergaardens Kennel. I was planning to have this puppy for some time allready ,as I like this lines very much .Tone Mosby agreed to give to us one of her wonderfull puppies so we have our Magia-Skjaergaardens Magic Love.

We breed not much and not often ,our dogs are members of our family mainly .We test our females for HD and ED ,our puppies as adult dogs live at home with us. The main target  in our breeding program are healthy leos with good character .Nice results on shows will be just nice adition for us.

I want to say thank you to my breeders -Nancy that she gave me my wonderfull lovelly dogs,Tone from Norway for my lovelly Magia and for letting me use her wonderfull male for breeding.Without this people my present dogs wouldnt be here....So thank you from all my heart for my dogs :)